The Future of Society Accounting & Management Software is here

Easiest way to prepare bill, process receipt / payments, accounting general ledger & Disburse online payments of society / apartments / complex in India.

90 Hours

the preparation of Bills and Receipt
Time consumed for the preparation of Bills and Receipt

Around 90 hours in a month are consumed for the preparation and maintenance of bills, receipt.

Rs. 2 lac to 5 lac in Suspense Account

Suspense account
Suspense account

On an average of 10-100 transactions are untraceable every month. In a year, addition of Rs 5,00,000 takes place in suspense account for IMPS and NEFT payments.


Members difficulty observed
Members difficulty observed in % while calculating correct late fees

65% of Society Committee members have trouble in calculating correct late fees on maintenance.


Society Administration
90% Society Administration from remote location

Almost every society committee is not able to track their society daily activities like complaint management, daily Bank/Cash Income and Expense tracking from remote location.

Society Accounting | management software

How does Upayogee’s Society Accounting & management software works

Software: society management software used is cloud based also free Smartphone app is used with unlimited users and all platform friendly (Windows, IOS, Android).

Service: Onsite consultation, onsite training, data upload, best customer support.

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society management software

Society management software is a web based application which completes all the tasks easily with its friendly user interface. This software provides an overall assistance in account management of society such as maintenance billing, staff wedges,income/expense tracking, bank report,cash report and general ledger.

Administration of society management by software

Society Administration

  • Create sub-user and assign authority and you can distribute work.
  • Read, write Access to sub-user (Management committee).
  • Society Management and monitoring real time.
  • Second level payment verification to avoid fraud.
  • Every member gets a member login with his required scope.

Billing & AutomaticInterest/penalty calculation

  • We can create “N” number of flats bill within a second by single click charge according to square feet of BHK for monthly /quarterly/ yearly .
  • Software automatically prepares outstanding report with automatic interest/penalty calculation.
  • Society does not need to calculate interest/ penalty manually, software automatically do this job.
  • Flat owner is able to see his outstanding report in his member login. The last due date of bill is visible. Also if there is any delay in bill the interest which needs to be paid is shown.
Software automatically prepares outstanding report
Software automatically sends alert of bill generated

Notification / Email / SMS

  • Software automatically sends alert of bill generated , bill due date, due date crossing, payment receipt, new events.
  • We can also send SMS/ Email of bill, due amount , function message etc.
  • Helps society and its member to keep minimum outstanding.


  • Software has accounting feature where we do all accounting activity like receipt voucher, payment voucher, reconciliation. You do not need to have any other specific accounting software.
  • We can track pending cheque list , bounce payment.
  • Society can track real time Bank, Cash Income and expense to society.
Software has accounting feature
Audit report Balance sheet

Financial Report

  • Software automatically prepares all
  • Audit report : Balance sheet , income and expenditure, trail balance, income report.
  • MIS report : Expense Report, cash book , bank book, general ledger report.

Payment Gateway

  • With members login one can pay bills online. Auto Receipt voucher generate , account settlement can be achieved.
  • Auto payment entry in society’s account , auto outstanding clear is also possible.
  • No need of manual entry.
With members login one can pay bills online
Dedicated Relationship Manager

Dedicated Relationship Manager

  • We prove dedicated relationship manager for each society for online support. There is no need to call customer care or select language. You just need to call your RM and he will provide you software training , legal and accounting advice. Any of the issue can be resolved instantly.

Member & Tenant Management

  • With software we can easily maintain all member list, flat no, flat area, contact no , Email ID, each member’s due amount ,its tenant list & tenant document, parking List.
Member and Tenant Management
Purchase order and payment receip

Purchase Management

This management feature maintains a record of all the sales and purchase orders. That is it maintains all the records of goods purchased in the favor of your society.

  • Purchase order, payment receipt , purchase invoice, pay bills, vendor management.

Complaint Management

Complaint management facility highlights the complaints raised by the members of the society. It also suggests solution for all the complaints in a well organized manner.

  • Shows graphical representation, creates online complaints, shows status of complaint, display’s complaint.
Complaint Management
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

It maintains all the records of visitors who enter the society like in-time, out- time, identity proof details etc.

Other Features

  • I-Register ,Platform Friendly : Android , iOS , Windows devices, facility Billing , Document Upload etc.
I-Register and Platform Friendly