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Housing Society management software

Today’s modern society needs a much modern solution for its proper management, which can replace the human efforts. Any Co-operative Society or Housing Society need a hassle-free and efficient Society management system for managing its day-to-day activities which can even manage society’s accounting work also. Society management system has not only to deal with its complaints or accounts but has to keep an eye on all other facility and activities under the society premises. Thus taking help of a Society Management Software, makes us feel free.

Upayogee’s “Society Management Software” is equipped with a one-stop solution for all stress faced in operating any housing society or Apartments. Society Management Software is a web-based platform which makes the work very easy with a world-class user interface, The Society Management Software gives a complete assistance in managing society accountings such as Billing, staff wedges, and Sales-Purchase management. It also creates a community group in which each and every member is involved and gets updates and notifications for an upcoming event/meetings in the form of Mail/Messages.

As the Software is an open source software, any Society member can manage the system from anywhere with the use of the internet. Thus making it Best Society Management Software by Upayogee, as it is the combination of Society management software, Maintenance software, billing software in the same pack.

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Upyogee's accounting Software system offers us a wide range of services with a fabulous user interface, we can easily manage our account activities related to our society. We can easily track our account records, sales & purchase orders, amenity wages, maintenance costing this all is manage in a single system, i.e. in Society accounting software

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway assist members to make their payments for bills and other utility services with a safe and secure mode of transaction, with an advance intimation facility.

Platform Friendly Software

Basically this software is designed to be compatible with any of the platform provided by the operator, Thus is found to be very user-friendly and is also very Efficient to use.

Members Management

The Members management feature helps to manages all the membership documents, members data base of their family members, flat details and parking details, Rental agreements, and lot more.

Sales/Purchases Management

This feature keeps an record of all the sales order and purchase order, and also has a record of all the things which are purchase in the favor of the society.

Complaint Management

Complaints management facility highlights the complaint placed by the members and also suggests remedies for that solution in a well organised way.

Visitor Management

It maintain all the records of visitors, keep entry of each visitor, maintain the in-time and out-time of visitor.

CRM- Work Management

Customer Relationship management is a feature which manages satisfied customer interaction throughout their membership, the purpose behind this feature is to improve and flourish relationship between Society and Members.

Facility Management

Facility management is that feature which keeps an eye on all the amenities and their maintenance schedules, it is also responsible for well functioning of the societies day-to-day works.

Event Management

This feature manages all the Society events, upacoming birthdays of society memebers, meeting notice, agenda and related work of societies, it is also notify all the society members for any event through mail/messages

Dedicated Relationship Manager

In this features we gives detail training on software and also resolved all software related issues. We value every customer and aim to make sure that you are always 100% satisfied with our product.

Society Accounting/Billing Software:

A housing society management system and Society billing software that effectively manages and handles all the functionality of a co-operative housing society.

Society accounting software has automated functionality for generating monthly details and member can view their account related information and bills status on their account.

In society management system add several members at once by updating their details. It creates user accounts for each member. All the details automatically reflects to the member profile. Our society software allows members to login with their own account

Society Management software

What upayogee Society Management Software Gives?

Society Management software
Save Everything
Provide user friendly, value for money , reduce workload and Save time consuming to effectively managesociety administration.
Society Management software
Fast Search
With the Power of upayogee Society Software you can quickly find all society records, accountdetails & member information easily.
Society Management software
One STOP solution
One stop solution for accounting , complaint management , flexible maintenance management and easy toupdate the record anywhere & anytime.
Society Management software
Committed to support
Dedicated Relationship manager is committed to support in all phases of upayogee Society.
Society Management software
Socialupayogee Society helps us to connect people together by keep updating about member's Birthday, Festivals, Events by emails on the platform of upayogee Software

Features Of upayogee Society Management Software


  • Society Management
  • Member Management
  • Facility Management
  • Purchase & Account Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Notices & Events
  • GST & Accounting
  • Daily Work & Management
  • Complaint & Management
  • Mail & Facility

  • Society Management
  • Member Management
  • Facility Management
  • Purchase & Account Management
  • GST & Accounting
  • Daily Work & Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Notices & Events
  • Mail & SMS Facility
  • Dedicated Relationship Management
  • Sub user Login
  • Member Login
  • Payment Gateway

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