the managing committee refuses to give information

The managing committee of any Co-operative Housing Society is to serve the society members, and aim to manage the society efficiently.

But if your management committee refuses to serve you or ignore your complaints and does not give you proper Information/Documents, Thus there is a way to lodge a complaint against the Society management committee.

The Application Should be strictly made under Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (MCS) Act.

In this case, 32(2) of MCS ACT says that the member can make an application in writing to Chairman / Secretary for obtaining information about the society’s affairs. Your society is bound to give you the required information within 30 days of the application on payment of legitimate charges prescribed in the bye-law — Rs. 5/- per page. So, make an application to your society and endorse a copy to the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies in your ward office.

And If the managing committee refuses to give information in reference to your applications and/or Dy Registrar’s notices, they are of-fencing of law and ignoring the laws. The members of the managing committee are “jointly and severally responsible for acts and omissions detrimental to the interests of the society” as per Sec 73(1AB).

Such behavior of committee will result in fines and imprisonment. If they do not give you the required information in a proper manner that too in 30 days after the above-mentioned application, you may appeal to the Dy Registrar to impose penalties and punishments on the managing committee under Section 146(j) and section 147 of the MCS Act.