How to maintain Security in Cooperative Housing Society.

Nowadays we hear lots of incidences regarding the robbery and other security issues happening in housing societies. Every flat member should be alert to protect its society from all these incidences and should take decisive actions against them. It is very important to maintain the security and safety of your family members. This blog will definitely help you in taking preventive majors for maintaining security in your society.

Installation of Security Cameras is important:

It is impossible for a security guard to look after every corner of the society manually. So apartments should install CCTV cameras to keep an eye on every corner of the society premises. Use of CCTV cameras has become very common these days with high-resolution picture quality. This can also benefit to keep all the recordings and use them as proof’s in case of any severe crime takes place. Use a hard disk with more memory to store the recording s for a longer period of time. A guard should be appointed to monitor the cameras and send an alert signal if any suspicious person is observed around the society premises. Posters stating “You are under CCTV surveillance” should be installed at every corner to spread awareness.

Install Compound Walls for safety:

Housing society should have proper and high compound walls with strong grills to avoid the thief ’s jumping over the compounds. It is observed that many of the housing societies use low quality of grills for compound walls thus making it ineffective and risking the safety of hundreds of society members. Installation of barbed wires over the grills should be done to avoid completely access of unauthorized people.

Every flat should have Separate Intercom:

Intercom facility should be installed in each and every flat for safety and security purposes. All the intercoms should be Independent of electricity so that it can work fluently without electricity as well. Whenever any visitor arrives at the main entrance, it should be mandatory to confirm his or her identity by the flat owner through Intercom. Maintenance of the intercoms should be done by the concerned person frequently so that owners won't face any problem.

Check before you appoint a Security Guard:

Usually, security guards are appointed through the Agencies providers. But most of the agencies are not licensed. This can increase the possibility of growing security issues. Therefore Before appointing any of the security guards, every society should check the credentials of an agency as well as the security person or guard and sign an agreement by reading all the clauses properly. Society should train the guard to follow all the duties properly. One should explain him do’s and don’t’s and ask the guard to follow every point correctly. Keep a record of all his identity proofs with his photograph.

Keep Record of Service Providers:

Service providers should not be allowed to enter the society premises. Details of services providers like sweepers, washers, plumbers, electrician etc should not be allowed without verification of his documents like the photograph, identity proof, address proof etc.

All these points should be taken into consideration for maintaining high-end security and safety of people living in residential societies.