Unstated rules and regulations of a housing society

Every society needs to work under certain terms and conditions in order to maintain a healthy environment in their surroundings. Rules can be decided by the committee members of the society to run all the happening smoothly. Here are some of the most Basic and common rules and regulations of a housing society.

  • Before starting any civil work, carpentry, painting, renovation etc in their flats every member of the society needs to take proper permission of the committee. In case if anyone doesn’t follow this rule then he/she shall abide to pay certain amount of penalty.
  • Penalties are applied against the damaged caused while shifting the household goods in lifts, corridors, garden areas etc by any member of the society.
  • No member can occupy the area near their front doors, corridors, passage for their personal usage.
  • Owners who want to give their flats on rent should take proper permission from the authorized person of the society. All the details of rental agreement, documents of tenant’s bio-data, identity proofs should be submitted to the concern person on prior basis.
  • Every member of the society should park their vehicles in their respective allotted parking spaces only. If any illegal parking is done, then that person may cost a penalty for his mistake. Two wheelers should be parked separately. Only one or two vehicles of visitors or guests per flat are allowed to be parked in the premises of the apartment. Other vehicles are supposed to be parked out of the society’s boundary line.
  • Salesmen, vendors or any other sellers are not allowed to enter the premises. Owners residing are not allowed to rent their flats for any commercial use as this might create trouble to other society members.
  • After using the community hall for any event or function it should be cleaned and no damages should be caused. If any damage is cause strict action against the owner will be taken. Music systems should be played inside of the flats with low volume only.
  • Cricket, basket ball, badminton, football should be played only on the respective grounds. No children’s are allowed to play in the lobby area. In case of any property damage by the kid’s respective person or parents are held to be responsible.
  • Wastage and over usage of water is not allowed. Flat owners will be considered responsible for this act and they have to pay the penalty costs for the same.
  • Keeping pets is allowed after submitting the required NOC to the society. But if pets like dogs are creating any kind of chaos and disturbance to other society members then the pets won’t be allowed.
  • Maintenance charges should be paid from to time. If failed after multiple warnings, any legal action can be processed against the respective person.
  • Washing of vehicles, cars, bikes etc in the premises is strictly prohibited. Instead you can use washing area of the society.
  • Smoking in lobbies, passage is not allowed. If any irresponsible person is found smoking in the no smoking zone, he/she shall be charged with penalty.

These are some of the unstated rules and regulations of a society which should be followed by all the residents.