How is Parking space divided among all the society members:

1) Policies considered while Distributing the parking spaces:

  • Parking spaces are usually divided on first come first serve basis. That Means when particular flat gets sold first then the owner will be allotted with the first parking space.
  • Each and every flat gets equal parking area according to a number of vehicles they own.
  • In some societies higher the floor, upper is the parking space i.e many societies have multiple basements for parking. So they consider giving upper floors of a basement to the top floor flats. This will result in consuming less time for the flat members to walk down till the basement floors.
  • At some places, parking spaces are separately charged while purchasing the flat itself. According to a number of cars and bikes owned by the flat member, charges are applied.
  • Alphabetically with the names of flat owners the parking spaces are divided.
  • According to floor type, flat number or wing wise, the parking areas are divided.
  • If there are a number of flats and the available parking space is less, then societies make use of available open space. The covered parking spaces can be used by 15 days turn withing two vehicles. This means for 15 days one owner will occupy the covered parking space and for another 15 days of the month, another member will occupy the space.

2) Rules for Parking spaces:

  • The member should strictly occupy their specific allotted spaces only. If in case there is any incorrect parking or parking out of allotted space then the owner may be charged with a penalty for doing so.
  • In some societies, if any member doesn’t have any car but owns the parking space then that member can sell or rent his parking space to another member.
  • The committee members should keep proper attention towards the open spaces in the parking areas. The open spaces should not be used for any other purpose like storing objects or any other unused material.
  • Every member should park his vehicle or bike in specified spaces only, if anyone makes use of other parking or does double parking then he/she will be charged with a penalty.

3) Visitors parking:

  • Many societies have separate parking spaces for visitors. But these spaces are restricted for the number of vehicles only.
  • Large societies in urban cities have more space and large premises. So these apartments may have separate visitors parking for each flat. But in the case of small area, multiple visitor parking is restricted.
  • Societies do have software to manage parking areas which indicate vacant spaces and occupied spaces. This helps in knowing the exact available space for parking and then it can be allotted to the next coming vehicle.
  • If there is any event or function in the society then the number of visitors are more. In this case, the parking area needed is more so the owner of the flat needs to take proper permission to park all the vehicles around the compound or inside the society premises for that particular day only.

Thus, all the parking area can be divided among every member of the society equally. Occupying each and every space available in the parking area to divide it equally between the members without creating any confusion or chaos in between themselves.