upayogee Features

Upayogee Society management software offers upayogee Features for every member of the society

Owner Profile

1.Easy to Maintain & Update all details related to your Flat , owner and family details ,tenant details, vehicle details.
2.Owner can Add more family members information against your their flat.

Complaint management

1. Create and Track complaint
2. Give suggestion for complaint
3. Activity and reply from admin
4.set priority of complaint

Account & Payments

1. Notify Billing statement of all resident dues and and account statements
2. Owner can pay bill by online payment gateway
3. View maintenance Bill generated by society
3. Details for Late payment records
4. Payment paid statements

Notice Board

1.Society Events and notice are notify in member application
2.Major Events can be published on notice board with single click
3.Birthdays of residents can be published on notice board Warm Regards,

Domestic supplier & Emergency contact

1. Contact List of domestic supplier in society for owner daily needs
2. Contact List of Emergency contact no of doctor , police station etc outside as well as within society

Visitor Gate-pass

1. Owner can track the visitor visited to their flats
2. Owner can generate Gate-pass for expected visitor to them