Frequently asked questions

Listed questions and answers commonly asked from memebers

How can we change society mail ID?
How can we change password of admin login ID?
How to generate bill for a particular flat?
How we can generate bills for all flats?
How we can pay the bill of his particular flat ?
How we can add tenant information?
How we can add family information?
How we can check parking details?
How we can add owner details?
Can you tell me the procedure to active/deactivate owner
How we can edit sq.ft details of flat?
How can we change flat number?
where we can see the details of vendors?
Where we can add manager or secretary’s number?
How can we add visitors?
how to create complaint?
how can we create package for maintenance?
How should I know that how many tenants are living in our society?
member=>tenant list =>tenant details list and also You can check on dashboard tenant count will show
How can I purchase any product from vendor also how to pay that vendor payments?
purchase =>po/purchase list/invoice list=>po=>product category(have to create product category n save it)=>product detail(select group name ,product hsn code ,select unit ((kg,ltr,pcs,etc)),product code,product name)create po=>enter quotation no=>select vendor then vendor data automatic filled by system add t/c n save it=>add product=>select category,select product,quantity, rate then add n click on close and save it=>save it=>purchase details list=>select vendor n click on create invoice=>save it=>invoice list=>select vendor=>print,pay=>it will reflect in paymnet voucher=>select bank=>payment mode=>enter ammount=>ref no=>remark save=>payment done=>check on payment voucher list and it will reflect in MIS report=>purchase report =>you can click on view for details
How member can register his complaint?
member login=>complaint ticket =>create complaint=> select complaint , select priority, add description,add suggestion=>it will reflect in complaint list=>If any reply given by admin you can click on view reply
How member can add his family details?
member login=>profile=>family=>add family details and view details
where member can check his parking details and tenant details?

Where member can check his bill list also individual how much amount has been paid till date also pending amount?
Where member can check his visitor’s details list?
how to add ledger group?
how to create ledger?
how to add bank details?
what is use of payment voucher?
what is the use of contra voucher?
how to tranfer amount in one account to another account?
What is use of Journal voucher?
what is the use of receipt voucher?
how to assign rights to user?
what is use of email template?
how to create event?
how to see the send sms report and send email report?
what is the use of ledger report?
what is the purpose of other income?
How member can check interest report?
Where member can check his outstanding amount?
How to create payment voucher?