It is difficult to manage all the duties under a society manually. More is the count of flats more is the difficulty level of management.

A traditional way of managing a society involves manually handling of accounts, monthly maintenance billings etc. This increases paperwork and doesn’t maintain any transparency.

The basic need of society is to maintain an account of all the billing records of maintenance. All these problems can be solved by using a proper society management software.

A software consists of multiple sections for managing all the duties of the society separately, which are listed below

  • Account section
  • Monthly/ quarterly/yearly maintenance
  • Cultural activity management
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Facility bookings
  • Vehicle management
  • Data and document management
  • Visitors management
  • Report Generation
  • Staff management
  • Sales and purchase management
  • Meeting management
  • General Ledger
  • Payment gateway


The software provides separate login id’s for authorized people, members, admin etc.

Admin will have complete authority to distribute the rights amongst all the society members.

Members can log in through their respective id’s and can access all the data related to their payments, maintenance, dues etc.

Accounts can be managed by the specific person who will generate monthly/ yearly bills on that particular date with a single click.

It provides safe and secure transaction through its payment gateways to reduce human efforts of visiting the bank for payment purpose.


Using a Software for managing a society will ease your work and reduce all the human efforts required for maintaining the records and details.

Flat details like number, owner details, family members, tenants, and documentation can be securely maintained under society management software.

This software provides a benefit to handle the details wing wise so that no confusion is created.

Account management system is the most effective one where you can get payment dues, previous account statements and automatic generation of receipts. Members can pay the monthly bills through the payment gateways. The system will automatically generate the bills and notify you through emails/ messages.

It can maintain a detailed record of daily visitors i.e name, address, identity proof, in- time, out-time etc.

The software can maintain all the details of flat owners and their family members, It can also maintain a track of tenants residing in a particular flat including their rental documents.

Facility bookings for a particular date or time period can also be done through this software. Bookings to community halls for events, functions, and parties can be made. Invites for functions, cultural events etc can be broadcast through this software.

Database of vehicles owned by the residents is maintained with all its details. Track of parking allotment details of guests/ visitors is also maintained in the software.

A complete record of vendors who provide different services to the society is maintained under vendor management. A track of all the purchased goods and services is maintained.

Staff management involves track of their daily work, salary details, and other related documents. The daily attendance record of staff members is maintained and calculated monthly.

In short by using a society management software it will benefit in maintaining transparency for sales and purchase of goods used for society maintenance.