Duties And Responsibilities of Chairman is as follows :-

  • The Chairman Or President Is A Top Person In The Managing Committee[MC].
  • He/She Is Over All Supervisor Of The Society.
  • He/She Has To Keep Eye Watch On Complete Function Of The Society.
  • The Society Has To Give Services As Per Object Of The Housing Society For Which It Is Registered As Per Co-Op. Law.
  • If Any Malfunctioning Then He/She Is Responsible For The Same And Answerable.
  • Chairman Has Final Decision Power.
  • Without His/Her Knowledge Decision Cannot Be Taken.
  • He/She Is One of The Signatory For Bank Operation Out Of Joint Authority.
  • Chairman Of The Society Shall Preside Over All Meeting Of The MC AND ALSO AGM/SGM.
  • Every Member Has One Vote But Chairman Is Having Decision Vote I.E. 2 Vote.
  • Chairman Shall See That All Records Are Maintained For Management Of The Society.
  • Chairman Should See That Audit of Accounts Of Society Is Done On Time At Each Year And AGM Is Held Every Year On Or Before 14th August After Audit.
  • To Verify Compliance of The Provisions Relating To Charging of Interest On Defaulted Charges of The Society.
  • He/She Has To Arrange Welfare Activities From Time To Time To Keep Good Relations Among All Members.
  • He/She Has To Take Initiative To Hold Meeting Or Order To Secretary To Arrange MC Meeting Every Month.
  • In Emergency The Chairman Is Entitled To Exercise Any Of The Powers Of The MC.
  • Any Such Action Taken By The Chairman Has To Be Ratified By The MC In Its Next Meeting.
  • Chairman Post Can Not Be Vacant.