the Member and who has applied for Membership of the Society in the prescribed form

Housing Society committees their powers, by Government Act.

Every Housing Society should compulsory consist of a Managing Committee, who is solely responsible for proper functioning of the society and related activities.

This committee may be elected or appointed by the society members themselves. The Societies register under Government Act, should obey the regulations compose under the “Co-operative Society Act”, the government also gives the committees some powers to perform their Duties efficiently and more effectively.

A. The first general meeting of a society shall be convened within three months from the date of its registration to appoint a provisional committee and to transact other business as may be prescribed. The term of the members of such provisional committee shall be for a period of one year from the date on which it has been first appointed or till the date on which a regular committee is duly constituted in accordance with the provisions of the rules or bye-laws made under this Act whichever is earlier, and all the members of such provisional committee shall vacate office on the date of expiry of such period or such constitution of the committee.

B. The first constitution of the committee of a society, the provisional committee of the society shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of the committee of such society as provided in this Act, the rules and bye-laws and make necessary arrangements for holding election of the committee, before the expiry of its term.

C. Notwithstanding anything contained in any bye-laws of a society or class of societies, the Registrar may, having regard to the area of operation, subscribed share capital or turnover of a society or class of societies, by general or special order, published in the, Official Gazette, prescribe the maximum number of members on the committee of such society or class of societies, as may be specified in such order.

D. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act or the rules made thereunder or in the bye-laws of any society or any other law for the- time being in force, in a general election of members of the committee of a society, on the election of two-thirds or more number of members, the returning officer or any other officer or authority conducting such election shall within seven days after the declaration of results of the election of such members, or where such election is held before the date of commencement of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1986, and such number of members have been elected but the committee has, not been so far constituted, forward their names together with of their permanent addresses to the Registrar, who shall, within fifteen days from the 1986. date of receipt thereof by him publish or cause to be published such names and addresses by affixing a notice on the Notice Board or at any prominent place in his office; and upon such publication, the committee of the society shall be deemed to be duly constituted. In determining two-thirds of the number of members, a fraction shall be ignored. Provided that, such publication shall, not be deemed.

(i) To preclude the completion of election of the remaining members and the publication of their names and permanent addresses of the elected members likewise as and when they are available;

(ii) To affect the term of the office of members of the committee under the Act, (iii) The names of the remaining, members, after they are elected (together with their permanent addresses), may also thereafter be likewise published by the-Registrar.